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More art for sale on Redbubble

I’d like to thank everyone that’s supported my redbubble store. It’s really encouraging and tells me that I should concentrate on this venture more as way to help support myself with my art.

Below are pictures of products I’ve received from my own shop, including art prints, that I’m very impressed with. Everything comes packaged in sturdy envelopes. The prints come rolled in a tube preventing any cranky postal service folding. My personal favorites are the stickers though. It must be the middle schooler still in me.

I’ll keep my page updated when I post more art for sale.

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Illustrations on RedBubble

I’m giving this e-commerce and illustration thing a try again. I opened a RedBubble store and am selling my designs on cards. I’ll be updating the shop regularly with new illustrations. Let me know what you think and what products and designs you’d like to see me start selling.