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Open House Aftermath Awesomeness

Thank you to everyone who came out and made tonight a success. It was an incredible evening for me and I am so grateful to receive so much support. I hope to prove that I’m worth helping, believing in and something as simple as collecting!

If anyone missed out and wants to see what I have remaining, please feel free to contact me about it and come on by. I have beads and some paintings and drawings remaining, but otherwise last night was a huge success for me!

Below are pictures of how I set up my apartment for the open house and also some of my newest paintings and studies.

I feel pretty much slaughtered right now, but in the best possible way. There were a lot of unfamiliar faces last night, and it’s always great to put my work in front of new people, but it was also really amazing to see so many of my friends show up to simply tell me they believed in me. I understand that my motivation has to mainly come from myself, but it sure doesn’t hurt to be propped up and affirmed from the outside as well.

And just from a financial point of view, my path has become much more affordable after last night.

Thank you for your support, smiles, kindness and dollars!

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Drying Time

I’m sitting in a room of upside canvas, dirty paint brushes, and cat hair…always cat hair…waiting for my paintings to dry, hopefully without cat hair congealed in the oil. I’ve been reading about painting, watching videos about color and value, just trying to absorb as much information as I’m capable of, making mistakes and good decisions and trying to determine which is which.

I feel the need to get as much painting in as I possibly can right now. In May I’ll be leaving for Asheville, NC, to study with artist Angela Cunningham for 3 months. There I’ll be drawing…only drawing! Which I’m happy about, but I want to fit in as much painting before hand as possible.

I’ve also been accepted to study at Ravenswood Atelier next winter in Chicago. I’m excited, and scared, but I feel very at peace that this is the correct direction for me.

I am also preparing to hold an open house in April, before I leave in May, as a combination art sale/going away party to say temporary good byes and perhaps raise funds to help me fund my studies. I’ll having paintings, drawings, school work and even crafts and unused supplies for sale. If nothing else it should be a fun night.

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Spirit Board Commission

I’m finally able to reveal my latest commission! I designed and painted a ‘talking board’ as gift from a friend, Anthems of the Undesirable owner Ryan, to his tattoo artist girlfriend. It’s a bit tricky to tell from the photos but there are silver, gold and glitter elements that reflect light. As you can see in my process picture, I mainly used a mix of Matisse and Liquitex acrylics. It is painted on cradled masonite prepared with a slight canvas like texture and varnished with a gloss spray several times to protect the surface. I did all the lettering free hand, which was a pain, but ultimately gratifying.

To read more about different types of spirit boards and their history I recommend the Museum of Talking Boards. I did not make the planchette. It was purchased by a wood worker on Etsy, Lord Mock Designs, and is actually more of an automatic writing device. A pencil can be placed in the opening. If the planchette is placed on paper the pencil then writes what the ‘channelled spirit’ wishes to communicate…or something like that. I created a third leg for the piece so that it doesn’t require a pencil and then painted the blank wood to match the rest of the board.

This is adding more to my theme of occult toys, but is officially my second totally customized one. The first was my Vision Engine painted kaleidoscope. It would be really fun to have a small show of just painted and functional toys.

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Honeyed Tongue…

This coming September I will have my painting Honeyed Tongue, Poisoned Prophecy in the group show, Hell Hath No Fury, at Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim California. The show was curated by Kelly Castillo for her Femme Art Collective : Splendor Device., local alternative news source, recently published a nice little write up about me. Elizabeth Cooke, another local artist, wrote the article and I really am pleased with how it turned out.

The Virginia Pilot also gave a brief mention to the I Like Soup show about to come down at MOCA VA.

And that’s that. I’m getting ready to start my last semester at TCC. It feels good to have the end in sight.