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Honeyed Tongue…

This coming September I will have my painting Honeyed Tongue, Poisoned Prophecy in the group show, Hell Hath No Fury, at Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim California. The show was curated by Kelly Castillo for her Femme Art Collective : Splendor Device., local alternative news source, recently published a nice little write up about me. Elizabeth Cooke, another local artist, wrote the article and I really am pleased with how it turned out.

The Virginia Pilot also gave a brief mention to the I Like Soup show about to come down at MOCA VA.

And that’s that. I’m getting ready to start my last semester at TCC. It feels good to have the end in sight.

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Bones, Brains and Loose Ends

Spring is ending. Summer and it’s hot, funky breath is right around the corner. My semester has ended and I was able to maintain my all A’s streak. I recently went to a scholarship luncheon TCC held for the donors and was able to meet a wonderful lady who was funding one of the scholarships I received to attend the Visual Arts Center.

My internship at Virginia MOCA has ended also. My time there was wonderful. I feel that I’ve learned a lot, especially from my time spent preparing for New Waves 2012 and the group of shows to be shown during the Warhol exhibit now on display.

The I Like Soup show looks great. JoKa, an artist from Philly included in the show, and his lovely girlfriend Brandi, drove down and stayed with us so they could attend the opening.

All the cans are now online and for sale. The proceeds are divided between the artist, the Foodbank of Virginia and MOCA’s educational programming. Creepmachine and AltDaily both did some nice little write ups about it.

My all time favorite amongst many wonderful pieces is Nomi Chi’s shown below.

I’ve been attempting a new technique, creating a complete underpainting with terre vert/titanium white/ivory black before laying in color. It’s interesting. I like the moonlit look. Now I just need to figure out if it’s really worth refining the underpainting before laying in color…and how much of the underpainting I want to keep, how much I’m willing to cover up.

After these are completed I’ll be trying some other things(I hope a master copy). My time at TCC is almost over. I really only have two classes to complete before I earn my associates. What I’m going to do afterwards has been weighing heavily on me. I like learning. I value education, but I don’t believe a traditional academic path is for me. I felt that my other classes(math, english and so on) while important and enjoyable were getting in the way of me getting as much as possible out of my art classes, which were the real reason I’ve been in school.

I’ve been contemplating attending an atelier. Students learn under the guidance of a master painter. It’s rigorous. It’s intense. It’s realist. There is no degree. My tentative plans right now are to finish at TCC and then take a couple months, go to Philly and attend some workshops at an atelier. I couldn’t commit to a full 4 years, financially or time wise, immediately, but I think taking a few months would be a great way to do some research to help me plan my future path.

I’ve been doing research, with the help of a new painter friend, to try to help me get ready for the next step. The only reasons I am hesitant are that I would miss my husband for those months and I would also feel a bit like an imposter. Part of me is afraid that I’d be found *out* and rendered unwelcome if the subjects and type of paintings I like to do were revealed. I want to become technically skilled so I don’t see why my past work would need to come up, but it also isn’t necessarily my end goal to paint exactly like others that have gone down that route. My goal is more to be able to convincingly blend realism with my other more esoteric topics…and of course make some money doing portraiture. I feel that if I were trained in this way I could do whatever I wanted with the knowledge. I want access to that, to me, secret world.

I need to learn how to sweep aside my insecurities.

I admire it. I want to be just a little bit part of it.

I’ve been painting a lot of skulls lately, as I’m sure anyone who stops by occasionally notices. I’ve caught a bit of slack for it from instructors, their point being that it’s too obvious or trendy, but I’ve chosen to ignore the good intentioned criticism. Skulls have been in art for much longer than Hot Topic has been around, and their relevant to the topics I enjoy. Besides, they’re good practice. We all have them beneath our freckles and make up.

Below are some skull themed artworks I’ve come across and like.

From top left down to right – Unknown found on tumblr(but it tickled me to see it after I had made my own still lifes of skulls with pearl eyes), Skull by David Slone, The Dead by Horacio Martinez, I can’t read the language but their work is lovely!

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I LIKE SOUP – Artists Respond to Warhol at the VA MOCA

This coming Monday May 28th, Memorial Day, the Virginia MOCA will be having a free, open to the public reception for several new shows all centering on the Warhol – Portraits exhibition now at the museum.

My good friend Alicia of The Norfolk Donut Supply Company is catering the reception, so if you want to get a taste of her donuts this is your chance!

If you are a local, please come out. The museum will be open from 10 am till 2 pm. You can RSVP to the event at
the Facebook Event Page and check out the artist list at the I LIKE SOUP landing page on

The customized cans will soon be online and for sale, with proceeds going to Virginia MOCA, the artists and The Food Bank of Virginia. I will post the link once it becomes available.

My soup can kaleidoscope Vision Engine will be on display amongst many other amazing pieces. This show means a lot to me. I was lucky to be able to be in on the process almost from start to finish because of my internship and Jason’s co-curatorial position. It’s been an amazing and educational journey that I’m proud to have been a part of.


I just paint things I always thought were beautiful, things you use every day and never think about. I’m working on soups, and I’ve been doing some paintings of money. I just do it because I like it.
– Andy Warhol, Time Magazine, May 11, 1962

As MOCA and the Hampton Roads community celebrates the Andy Warhol: Portraits exhibition, we wanted to take a moment to explore Warhol’s idea of a tin soup can and the many ways in which popular culture influences artists today. A plain, unused tin can was given to a selection of local, national and internationally recognized contemporary artists. They were asked to reinterpret the can and use it in the creation of their own art.

Each original can is for sale on MOCA’s website (coming soon). The proceeds from the sales will help benefit MOCA’s educational programs and the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia. With your help we can provide nourishment for the heads, hearts and stomachs of the people in our community.


List of participating artists:

Lauren Albert
Glenn Arthur
Monée Bengtson
Eric Thomas Bostrom
Heather Bryant
Diana Caramat
Amy Chan
Kris Chau
Nomi Chi
Luke Chueh
Doug Clarke
Dominique Fung
Susie Ghahremani
Christine K. Harris
Charlie Immer
Sarah Joncas
Ewelina Koszykowski
Elizabeth Levesque
Jason Levesque
Jason Limon
Jim Mahfood
Dan May
Soey Milk
Dave (davmo) Morris
Buddy Nestor
Raymond Nordwall
Charmaine Olivia
Amanda Outcalt
Conrad Roset
Alan Skees
Kristen Skees
Sayaka Suzuki
Eveline Tarunadjaja
Casey Weldon
Chet Zar

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Work and Life, Life and Work

Not much concrete and provable progress to post about, but I’ll try anyway. I’ve been busy at MOCA VA working on photographing the cans coming in for the I Like Soup show opening on May 25. Check out the tentative landing page about the show. All the cans will eventually make it online. The list shown there needs some editing as some people weren’t able to participate, but there is still a lot of awesome to see soon!

Articulated Gallery has updated their online shop with pieces from the Marvelous Humans show curated by Josh of Creepmachine.

As for school I had two pieces on display during the annual student art show. I also one an award in the fine arts category for my painting Focus which I’ll upload to my site soon. If you’d like to see it you can view it and other award winners on my school’s website.

I am also working on redesigning my site. A friend of mine will be assembling it into a working page in the future. This is roughly what it will look like. I looked at many other artists’ sites to get an idea of what I liked and didn’t. I wanted a site that would work as a gallery but still allow me to blog about my process, struggles and art in general.

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Marvelous Humans and I Like Soup shows!

This Saturday at Articulated Gallery in San Francisco is the opening for the Marvelous Humans show curated by Josh Geiser of If you are a local you can RSVP to the Facebook event page.

I also finished customizing my soup can for the I Like Soup show at Virginia MOCA. When the page for the show goes up and more cans start coming in I’ll make another post! Here are some shots of mine. It’s a working kaleidoscope!

Here is a shot of something I’m working on for school. I struggled with the skin tone for a while because I don’t normally paint portraits with so much shadowing, but I think I am getting closer to what I want now.