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The Skeleton Follows Me

If you watch my Facebook fan page then you have probably already seen this, but I decided it was too funny not to post on my blog.

I went to a wonderful grade school, Garrettford Elementary, in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania that focused a lot on creative activities for their students from the visual arts to music. Every year and for every grade our school district held the Young Author’s Award competition, where children focused on creative writing and coming up with their own stories. The teachers even printed up our stories, let us illustrate them, and bound them. We felt published!

Above is a gallery of my entry for my 3rd grade class. Those are my drawings as well. I won! I’m still proud of myself! I feel that in today’s world I would have been sent for psychiatric treatment after my teachers read my story. No one shamed me for my little girl macabre sensibilities. I was encouraged. And I still like skulls.

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After two years I finally went to the dentist. My teeth are clean, I have a jacked filling that needs repairing and I think I’m finally going to get my one wisdom tooth ripped out of my head.

Above is a charcoal drawing I did recently of some plaster teeth…that I came home to find Jason making…in his own mouth. So yes, those are Jason’s teeth.

Enjoy some dentist themed horror radio shows.

Fear on Four – Day at the Dentists

Nightfall – The Dentist

Teeth are an interesting thing. You don’t realize how important they are as a child…how easy they are to loose. They are often your first reminder of mortality and decay, and a common theme in nightmares. I sometimes, when stressed out, have dreams of my teeth falling out of my head.

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Cat People -The Woman as Aloof Beast

I love my horror radio plays. They go from exquisite to terrible, but the medium is amazing and tends to force writers into efficiency.

But some are bad, and some return to the same tired themes. Below are some of my favorite terrible ones. In all of them the story is based weakly on the idea that women are naturally associated with our favorite selfish house pet, the cat.

I’m sure someone with more writing talent than I could write an entire paper on the topic. I’m content to roll my eyes and laugh.

Cat Woman – The Creaking Door

Queen of the Cats – The Mysterious Traveler

The Weekend – Macabre

Alley Cat – Lights Out

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Winter Horrorland – Chilly and Scary Radio Stories

They are a bit late, but I am finally updating with more radio plays. All scary and all related to winter and cold weather.

I love this one, but beware. The sound quality isn’t too great.
The Horn – Fear on Four

His Last Card – Fear on Four

The Snowman Killing – Fear on Four

Sometimes I miss eating turkey…sometimes I don’t.
Gobble Gobble – Fear on Four

This series is an older one. The sound quality is very…hollow.
The Werewolf – Weird Circle

I hope you enjoy them. I of course don’t own any of this. They are free to download or play in a new window. You can also find more at the Internet Audio Archive.

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The Artist as Predator

Tribly, artist figure model

If I was good at writing I’d spend a lot of space here talking about how movies and drama have treated the artist as a madman(rather than woman) similarly to the mad scientist of many a horror film and book. The below examples don’t necessarily match that concept, but they are creepy stories featuring artists and art.

Trilby, pictured above and played by Marian Marsh, is a story by George Du Maurier and published in the early 20th century. Trilby, the protagonist, is a young English girl living in Paris and earning a living as a figure model. She is hypnotized by the evil Svengali, a brilliant but villainess musician…

I believe you can watch the movie version of Trilby on Netflix under the title Svengali. Better yet, read it for free through Google books. You can download a pdf of it. I’m honestly only halfway through it and have been reading it on my nook.
Trilby by George Du Maurier

Bluebeard, a story about a man who … ya know, kills his wives, was made into a movie. The villain’s role was changed into that of an artist. He paints portraits of women then murders them. Freaky puppets are also involved. Watch the 1944 version of Bluebeard on Hulu.

I also collect radio horror plays. The two linked below are on topic! The First is a story about two French art students who roam the countryside in search of inspiration. The second play is about a ceramicist searching for a perfect ingredient in order to achieve an unusual glaze to his work. You can download the plays or listen to them online.

Fear on Four’s By the River Fountainebleau

Nightfall’s Glaze of Perfect Beauty

There are many other examples of creepy stories where either the art or artist is menacing, like Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray or just about any movie that involves ventriloquists and dummies.