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June Shows 2013

I’m proud to announce my step son and his girlfriend’s two person show to be held Saturday June 1st at Grow Interactive. It is their senior art show for the Governor’s School of the Arts. Virginia will have her paintings and illustrations displayed and Ian will be showing his animated movies.

I am also going to have my piece Psychic Device on display at the second Speaking in Tongues show at Black Vulture Gallery in Philadelphia this June 7th.


Black Vulture Gallery proudly hosts the Opening Reception of “Speaking in Tongues II”, a group show of the wicked and the weird in a terrifyingly tasteful display of some of the best artists in Philly as well as from afar. Curated by BUDDY NESTOR!!

live music by::




A raging good time with killer artwork, kicking off summer right!!

Refreshments by the ever delicious and creative brewers at Barry’s Homebrew Outlet!!!!

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Chalkboard Canvas and More!

Grow Interactive, a local multimedia design company, asked me to decorate one of their office chalkboards. It measures 40 x 60 inches and was completed with white regular chalk and chalk marker. I was surprised by how difficult it was, but pretty happy with how it turned out. You can read more about the chalkboard canvas project at their blog.

Splendor Device, an all female artist collective, that I was invited into now has it’s own site! You also see a video from the opening of the show Hell Hath No Fury at Rothick Art Haus. Hell Hath No Fury Video

School has been doing it’s best to beat me a bit down, specifically college algebra, but I shall persevere and get to the end of this semester and my degree!

Below are some glimpses of what’s sitting around my studio space.