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ectoplasm skull collab with negamidas!


It’s never too late or early for Halloween flair, so please check out my Ectoplasm Skull pins I collaborated on with enamel pin makers,!

They are in my site’s shop, meaning you can purchase them directly from me! I hope you like them. It was a lot of fun seeing an illustration translate into something new.

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Never Was-es – Concepting Mishaps

Image heavy with concept photos I’ve taken before I really knew what I needed out of a photograph. These are all born out of ambition, ignorance and the good humor of models(specifically here Mary and Kayla) kind enough to work with me…

I’m clearly taken with the idea of ectoplasm.

Some of the shots from these shoots could have become the basis of an interesting composition except for mistakes and overestimating my own ability to invent. I am not capable, not yet, of figuring out what the eff is going on with with their mouths in some of the pictures. If I had been smart I would have taken pictures of them in the same pose but sans the plastic wrap/cheese cloth/tulle floating out of their mouths.

Some of the angles are awkward as well. I tend to dislike paintings done from the perspective only a camera could capture yet I’ve find myself making that mistake over and over again.

Then add in my lack of interest in using a camera correctly and not understanding what type of lighting I would need to give me enough information to paint from.

I’m sharing these to explain my process a bit but also because I simply find the above photos interesting.