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Work and Life, Life and Work

Not much concrete and provable progress to post about, but I’ll try anyway. I’ve been busy at MOCA VA working on photographing the cans coming in for the I Like Soup show opening on May 25. Check out the tentative landing page about the show. All the cans will eventually make it online. The list shown there needs some editing as some people weren’t able to participate, but there is still a lot of awesome to see soon!

Articulated Gallery has updated their online shop with pieces from the Marvelous Humans show curated by Josh of Creepmachine.

As for school I had two pieces on display during the annual student art show. I also one an award in the fine arts category for my painting Focus which I’ll upload to my site soon. If you’d like to see it you can view it and other award winners on my school’s website.

I am also working on redesigning my site. A friend of mine will be assembling it into a working page in the future. This is roughly what it will look like. I looked at many other artists’ sites to get an idea of what I liked and didn’t. I wanted a site that would work as a gallery but still allow me to blog about my process, struggles and art in general.

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Marvelous Humans and I Like Soup shows!

This Saturday at Articulated Gallery in San Francisco is the opening for the Marvelous Humans show curated by Josh Geiser of If you are a local you can RSVP to the Facebook event page.

I also finished customizing my soup can for the I Like Soup show at Virginia MOCA. When the page for the show goes up and more cans start coming in I’ll make another post! Here are some shots of mine. It’s a working kaleidoscope!

Here is a shot of something I’m working on for school. I struggled with the skin tone for a while because I don’t normally paint portraits with so much shadowing, but I think I am getting closer to what I want now.

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Hibernation & Guilty Pleasures

It may be the shorter days but I feel the need to nest and go into art making hibernation.

This means having an insatiable need to rearrange my home and make another attempt at putting together a livable and workable studio space.

Strangely, it also means making playlists of down-tempo and OTR horror and reading comic books(specifically right now Fables Volume 14 and 15).

I need a constant rotation of Portishead, the Twin Peaks Sound track and so on…Spotify has been useful in finding new music in the same vein. Music has usually been a private thing for me. I was never immersed in it the way my friends were as teenagers. Then I discovered down tempo/trip hop/whatever it’s called. It felt right. It’s more like a sound track rather than individual songs.

On my playlist now…

Willow’s Song – The Wicker Man Soundtrack
Small Town Witch – Sneaker Pimps
Pretty When You Cry – Vast (can’t get into any of their other songs)
Galaxies – Laura Veirs
Flame – Crustation
Down By the Water – PJ Harvey
Overcome – Tricky
Stars – Hum
Capsized – Samiam
Ten Cents a Dance – Ruth Etting
Horse and I – Bat For Lashes
Celestica – Crystal Castles
Half Day Closing – Portishead
Audrey’s Dance – Angelo Badalementi

Then…that Vast video makes me think of a fantastic radio play version of The Company of Wolves by Angela Carter produced by the BBC…which then leads me to another witch themed radio play, The Hairy Hand of Dartmoor produced by the radio horror show Fear on Four. I always thought the girl who played Little Red Riding Hood in the first play sounded like the witch in the second play.

The Hairy Hands is an urban legend out of Dartmoor, England. The story goes that on a stretch of road motorists and bicyclists have had their steering ripped from them by disembodied demonic hairy hands and caused them to have accidents. You can read a bit about it on Wikipedia here.

I’m trying to get my work from this past semester photographed and started on new ones, including a piece for a group show next spring curated by the founder of The group show is called Marvelous Humans. You can read about it at the blog the curator created for it. The show will be about ‘human oddities’ of the past and present and how they made the most out of what life dealt them. I’ve chosen Millie La Marr the Mind Reader, a Victorian Era Albino woman that traveled with the circus performing mentalist tricks, pretending to be a psychic. You can see photos of her here.

I wish I could find more out about her as person rather than just a side show oddity. I chose her because of her ‘act’. As any reader here can probably tell from my work I am fascinated by spiritualism and so called psychic phenomena.

I was super stoked to see that the show Jason and I was in, Multiversal Miami, was profiled on here.

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Multiversal Miami

I wish I could make it to Miami this year for Art Basel. The city turns into an art gallery. I will have two of my paintings, Unfold and Bloom and Sybilline, in a warehouse show in the Wynnewood district of Miami along with my husband and many other artists.

Visit Multiversal’s Facebook page to learn more about the event.

The Spirit Board Show also got some mentions on two contemporary art blogs I love and follow. Read and preview the show at Creepmachine and HiFructose!