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Moving on again and Patreon

I’m getting ready for another move! This will be the fifth time in about three years, and I am ready to stay put for a while. I’ll be moving in with an old friend and her housemates in South Philly. It’s kinda like a punk rock house, except for old people that have jobs and don’t want kids on their stoop.

I am actively looking for a job that I can carry while also attending PAFA. I’ve put many of my painting studies up for sale in my shop, I’m close to finishing some larger pieces, working freelance part time, have my Redbubble shop stocked, and opened a Patreon page.


Patreon is a new thing for me, and I don’t know that I have enough *fans* to make it work, but I really like the idea and hope it becomes a useful tool for visual artists. Patreon is a site that enables creatives to fund their careers through patrons, rather than individual art sales. Someone may really love your work, but can’t afford that $800 dollar painting you made. Patreon invites art lovers to pledge a monthly amount of cash to their favorite artists or to specific projects. I really love the concept. We can’t all be a Medici, but that doesn’t mean people don’t enjoy and want to support art of all kinds.

What else I like about the idea is that the artist isn’t getting something for nothing. It’s a bit like Kickstarter in that rewards are offered to patrons depending on their pledge level. Also, patrons are able to edit or end their pledges at any time. They can change their mind.

So far I am offering non archival prints, sticker packs, painting studies, coupon codes, and thoughtful art critiques in return for pledges. My page is still a work in progress. I’ll be editing it quite a bit over the next week, but I’d love for art lovers to look at it and let me know what they think. Of course, I hope people consider pledging as well.

The next couple years are going to be tight again. I have definitely lowered my cost of living by renting a room instead of apartment, leaving my car in the ‘burbs with my parents and many other ways. Living cheap is a trick. I’ve done it before. I can figure it out again. That said, school is going to be expensive. I earned a substantial scholarship, but tuition isn’t really what I mean. I am speaking of supplies, food and even time. Time is valuable. It’s what you spend when studying and creating new work.

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Nesting in Pennsylvania

I’m here. I’ve landed. It’s happened.

I drove 12 hours with all my earthly belongings in a box truck while towing my car and with 2 cats in the cab with me. Aside from my calico exploding out of her carrier several times and almost killing us all, the drive was pretty uneventful. It wasn’t till I got to Pennsylvania that things got interesting.


I wasn’t even an hour into the state when I experienced my first tailgating incident complete with middle finger. Thank you, PA. I’m glad to be home, too.

Once I reached my family’s compound out in the country I found myself unable to get my truck up their driveway due to the ice and snow. There was lots of sliding, face planting in the snow and cussing. My first 24 hours in PA I spent driving, shoveling snow, hacking at ice with an axe and then ate a cheesesteak stromboli. I am now one with the commonwealth.

I’ve been visiting new and old friends and am looking forward to next month’s First Friday art walk. I’m seeking a crew to lurk the galleries with. I love Philadelphia in all it’s grotesqueness. I love it. I love hating it. It’s horrible and wonderful. It’s home. I know locals can relate, but trying to explain it to others never seems to be successful.

I’m painting while staying with my family, working long distance on my computer, but soon it will be time to find consistent work and a place to live downtown. I’ve been told my best options will be South Philly or around Fishtown.

Next week I visit PAFA’s campus. It will be for the first time I’ve been in a traditional school for years, but I expect it to feel comfortable.

I’m here. I could kiss the concrete out of gratitude, but I won’t, because Philly.