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2011 School Re-Cap

I’ve updated my fine arts section with some of the work I’ve produced during the school year. There’s more, just not complete yet. I hope to finish them soon, and I hope they turn out better than what I’ve uploaded. I like the technique’s I’ve explored, I just hope to push myself techniquely further and faster.

I wish I could put off next semester just a little bit longer! I’m happy to be in school but I could use a longer break. I recently attended a prep class at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Virginia about conservation and art handling. It was very…illuminating, haha. I apparently always pack my art wrong. Basically everything I’ve done is wrong. I guess I already knew the truth. I’m glad they gave us packets to take home on how to ship work properly. This class was also to prepare me to help install art shows for the museum. Exciting!

I’ll be uploading some more old time radio horror plays soon as well. If you like them, let me know! I’m going to try to put some Christmas themed ones together, or the very least winter. And I’ll post some photos of our tree(sarcastic pentagram topper and all).

Happy Horror Days!

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