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Playing Pretend

Superstition for everyone!
1. Wychbury Obelisk, 2. Edward Wyllie – Spirit Photographer c.1903, 3. seance board–cu, 4. Victorian Fancy Dress – Witches & Fairies at Ye Magic Well 2

The second and last photos are pretty self explanatory. The first is a message scrawled on the Wychbury Obelisk in a town in England after the skeleton of a woman was found stuffed inside of a very old witchhazel tree during WWII.

The third image is of spirit photography. It’s a bit of collage and collaboration created to make people think their dead relatives were visiting them and hovering around them and only the camera could capture their presence. This was a considered proof of the afterlife and a part of the spiritualist movement.

– ALSO –

The J Fergeson Gallery of Farmville(no, not the facebook game) Virginia is having a Pop-Up Gallery in Richmond the first weekend of June. My work will be among those shown.

119 Broad Street
June First Friday at Metrospace

Thursday Preview Reception June 2 / 6-8 PM
First Friday with John Reinhold (DJ/Music)
Saturday Hours June 4 1-5 PM
Sunday 11-4

Featuring Isabelle Abbot, Jordan Buschur, Anna Cox, JJ Eisfelder, Tray Eppes, Christopher Hildebrand, Kylse Houser, Neal Iwan, Ben Keys, Debra Lanning, Elizabeth Levesque, David Dodge Lewis, Matt Lively, Lara Mossler, Adam Paulek, Christopher Register, Beverly Rhoads, Jeremy Satterlund, Christina Stratman and Sandy Willcox


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Speaking in Tongues Group Show!

Black Vulture Gallery
Yay Philadelphia!

Jason and I will be in Philly the first weekend of June to attend the Speaking in Tongues show hosted by Black Vulture Gallery in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philly.

I’m excited to show in my hometown and with so many rad artists. We’ll be at the opening to see old friends and make some new ones.

Below is more information about the show.

Live painting by Cam Rackam & Genevive Zacconi
Live music by Decap Attak & Samsara

Artist list:
Mary J. Sheridan, Bree Hanrek, Crystal Barbre, Keith Wigdor, Dave Fox, Hoode, Vinny Osmers, Scott Cranmer, Cam Rackam, Jeremy Hush, Tatomir, Cliff Wallace, Dan Barry, Edward Robin Coronel, Clint Carney, Paul Romano, JL Schnabel, C.J. Stahl, Kat Gun, Heather Gargon, Kristen Ferrell, JoKa, Dan Harding, Lana Gentry, Donnie Green, Isis Graywood, Ginger Ellen Hansen, Kazilla, Jason Levesque (Stuntkid), Charlie Immer, Roberto Morales, Spine Stealer, Peter Adamyan, Jessica Ward, Apricot Mantle, Bianca Olson, Katie Perdue, Jimmy Krimmer, Shann Larsson, Lauren Rusignola, Travis Lindquist, Robert Bauder, Nicole Boitos, Brian Smith, Leila Marvel, Kate Collins, Zac Shiffer, Aaron Crawford, Scott D. Wilson, Mike Wohlberg, Eric Eaton, Brett Hess, Dave Glass, Jason Goldberg, Jeff Faerber, David Hollenbach, Ewelina Ferruso, JL Joseph Beaulieu, Jeremy Cross, Patrick Greenwood, Karl Persson, Michael Carbonaro, Elizabeth Virginia Levesque, Jeremy Holmes, Ivan Mora, Joe Leonard.


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All Knowing

Below are some photos of concept ideas and student work I have uploaded to my scraps page.

During last semester’s painting class we had to keep a painting journal and try to develop concepts for future large scale painting. I’m not really sure how well it turned out, but it was nice working on something that didn’t feel like as large of a commitment as a canvas painting. It gave me a chance to experiment and concept out ideas that have been lurking in my head and find out whether they were a good or bad idea. I also attempted to transfer images from photos I’ve taken using acrylic mediums. That part didn’t turn out super great, but now I know that I still have a lot of trouble shooting to do.

The second to last image is actually an illustration assignment. It was made using gouache, india ink and watercolor with the wash out technique. You paint everything you want to appear in the final product using gouache paint than saturate the entire paper with india ink, let dry and rinse in the since. The remaining black areas are where the watercolor paper had been left untouched. I then touched up areas with watercolor because the gouache came up too much in some places.

The third to last image is a piece Jason, my husband, and I collaborated on for fundraising auction at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia.