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Virginia Artists I Dig – Part 1

I’ve always had a difficult time feeling part of a community, specifically an art community, so I’ve decided to occasionally highlight Virginia artists that I admire. This small post is the first in a series.

Rick Nickel is an Old Dominion University ceramics professorand an interesting fella. He recently had a solo exhibition in my school’s gallery and it was interesting seeing his sculptures next to his drawings.

Heather Bryant – ODU art professor and lithographer. Heather is an extremely prolific artist and the only lithographer I know. I love how her compositions swirl.

Wade Mickley – this is his website, that mainly focused on his illustration. I prefer his sculpture. I wish public sculpture, huge and outdoors, was like his.

Catherine Furman Brookes – Richmond painter and all around fun gal.Last summer she had a show at Richmond Gallery GHOSTPRINT Gallery. I love her assembled pieces, combinations of books, costume jewelry, bottles and paintings.

Mark Miltz – His work looks much better in person. It really loses affect and depth, in my opinion, when just looked at online. I like his work for a lot of different reasons. I enjoy his combination of realism with scenes from well known, in America even, animes. I like the fact that an adult man, a teacher, combines his extreme technical skill with his enjoyment of popular cartoons, Japanese and American. It leaves an impression with it’s combination of mature and hard earned detail with what the viewer may see as childish and flat cartoons.

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