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leopold seyffert

Behold! The only two paintings I can find by Leopold Seyffert that I super dig! Seyffert was a PAFA student and also a teacher at Moore College of Art & Design. His painting career seems mostly centered around working as a portraitist. His portraits are skilled, and he was hired by and painted many notable people of the day. They get the job done, but they look like work to me. Does that make sense?

I was walking through PAFA’s historic building museum with one of my classes, and saw the below first painting. Of course, it’s much more beautiful in person. The colors, specifically the magenta, is vibrant. There is something Klimt-ish about it, and the Art Deco color scheme particularly appeals to me. The skin sparkles.(edited to add: for some unknown reason, my pictures in this post disappeared, so the new photos don’t convey the color that my former pictures did.)


The Lacquer Screen

I assume these were painted as a pair. I can’t seem to find anymore work of his similar to these. I wonder what made him paint these, and why he didn’t seem to return to it. He did paint other nudes, but none of them, as far as I’ve seen, are as exciting as this pair.


Nude with Chinese background


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  1. My grandfathers paintings of his later second wife “Bobby”. She was his model and he did more than 20 paintings of her. She was a dancer- flapper in Philadelphia when they met and as a professional model she inspired him. beginning in about 1915. There are paintings of her in the New Orleans Museum of Art, Washington County Museum, Maryland, Towson State University, and the Illinois State Museum.

    1. Thank you for commenting! Maybe what I’m picking up in this paintings is the inspiration that can come with love and lust then!

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