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art around campus

Meghan Howland


I don’t want to post multiple examples of her work, because you should go explore her website!

Being in school is not just stimulating because of the teachers I am studying with, but also because of the students on campus.

I pass Meghan’s work and studio regularly on my way to my locker, and I almost always feel compelled to pause to admire her paintings.

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daily paintings



Little glass bottle I bought in the western ghost town of Chloride.
Day 6


Scottie figurine that lives in my mom’s china closet.
Day 5

I had no idea this daily painting thing was such a thing. I decided to give it a try while on break between semesters so that I can go back as a stronger painter and get to know the medium again. I swear school made me and painting feel like strangers on a bad OKC date.

I came across some other daily painting blogs and also lots of weird articles criticizing the practice(parade rain-ers!). It seems to me other artists do this in order to stay productive, learn how to simplify and to sell. If you rapidly create a batch of small paintings, you have product. Small, minimally labor intensive, product. Which means you can sell them for a low but reasonable price. I may just consider doing that as well. It’d be nice to bring in some money with my artwork.

Here is a list of some other daily painters and their work. Not all of it is necessarily my cup o’ tea, but I like seeing how others approach the practice.

Abbey Ryan
Brian Astle
Lisa Daria
Debbie Becks Cooper
Michael Naples
J Dunster

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painting moonlight part 2

Moonlight is for swimming through, and I miss it now that I live in the city. The moon has too much competition here. You can’t dip your hands in it. It doesn’t pool at your feet.

Many contemporary nightscapes tend to overstate. As if lotsa of stars and glimmering equals magic and mysticism.

The night is elegant. Less is more. It’s magic is in what you can’t see.

Daybreak Eclipse by Max Ernst

Clausen, George; The Village at Night; Leeds Museums and Galleries;
The Village at Night by George Clausen

Night by Mikalojus Ciurlionis

Moonlit Beach by Leon Spilliaert

52945, 1961.22
Starry Night by Jean Francois Millet

See Part 1.