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I’m exhausted.

Jason and I had a really great time visiting Pennsylvania and my teenage stomping grounds. We attended the Speaking in Tongues art show, met rad artists, saw old friends and family and got to search out some of the weirder places(real or imagined) of south eastern Pennsylvania, or central, or whatever.

We went to Centralia PA which is a mostly abandoned ghost town 3 hours north west of Philly. In the 80s the coal mines caught on fire and the fire spread under ground endangering the residents above. There are a few hold outs still living there, but the rest of it has been demolished.

Jason and I visited to check it out. I had never been there despite growing up in Pennsylvania. The ground is hotter than normal. You can feel it through your shoes. There is coal scattered everywhere and steam/smoke rising from holes in the ground. Part of route 61 was rerouted due to the highway splitting like a loaf of risen bread.

It is also the home of a lot of amusing and stupid graffiti as shown below!

This stretch of highway was titled ‘Penis Farm’. I intend to return and draw a ‘Vagina Orchard’. Here’s Jason posing happily with our find.

Indeed! It truly was B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

We also attempted to visit…Satanville! Which only really exists in drunk or bored south eastern PA teenage hearts! Being adults with a fear of arrest, we didn’t get out of the car to trespass to find the fabled Culthouse/Satanic Church, but we did find the road it’s supposed to be off. Oh well, maybe next time! The weirdest thing we saw was a tree spray painted ‘Baby Tree’.

Have a hilarious clip from a documentary about Satanville PA.

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Speaking in Tongues Group Show!

Black Vulture Gallery
Yay Philadelphia!

Jason and I will be in Philly the first weekend of June to attend the Speaking in Tongues show hosted by Black Vulture Gallery in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philly.

I’m excited to show in my hometown and with so many rad artists. We’ll be at the opening to see old friends and make some new ones.

Below is more information about the show.

Live painting by Cam Rackam & Genevive Zacconi
Live music by Decap Attak & Samsara

Artist list:
Mary J. Sheridan, Bree Hanrek, Crystal Barbre, Keith Wigdor, Dave Fox, Hoode, Vinny Osmers, Scott Cranmer, Cam Rackam, Jeremy Hush, Tatomir, Cliff Wallace, Dan Barry, Edward Robin Coronel, Clint Carney, Paul Romano, JL Schnabel, C.J. Stahl, Kat Gun, Heather Gargon, Kristen Ferrell, JoKa, Dan Harding, Lana Gentry, Donnie Green, Isis Graywood, Ginger Ellen Hansen, Kazilla, Jason Levesque (Stuntkid), Charlie Immer, Roberto Morales, Spine Stealer, Peter Adamyan, Jessica Ward, Apricot Mantle, Bianca Olson, Katie Perdue, Jimmy Krimmer, Shann Larsson, Lauren Rusignola, Travis Lindquist, Robert Bauder, Nicole Boitos, Brian Smith, Leila Marvel, Kate Collins, Zac Shiffer, Aaron Crawford, Scott D. Wilson, Mike Wohlberg, Eric Eaton, Brett Hess, Dave Glass, Jason Goldberg, Jeff Faerber, David Hollenbach, Ewelina Ferruso, JL Joseph Beaulieu, Jeremy Cross, Patrick Greenwood, Karl Persson, Michael Carbonaro, Elizabeth Virginia Levesque, Jeremy Holmes, Ivan Mora, Joe Leonard.


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All Knowing

I have decided to start using my site as my blog rather than depending on livejournal or
tumblr. I’ll be posting work in progress, sketches, photos and the work of others that inspires me.