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Inspiration & Shared Influences

I have been salivating over these silver planchette rings on etsy for ages now, and was thrilled to realize that the artist behind them also had a piece in the Speaking in Tongues show in Philly! I contacted her and showed her my work and we’ve both been amused at sharing so many of the same influences. Her name is JL Shnabel and she is a painter, jewelry maker and writer based in Philadelphia PA.
blood milk ouija

Check out her art blog and etsy shop for more spiritualist and magic inspired jewelry.

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Purples and Greens!

color palette
1. Opium Poppy, 2. Amethyst, 3. Underwater Glow, 4. Aurora Borealis

I’m currently taking painting classes at my local community college. It’s great. I’m learning a lot and seeing improvement in my work every day. What I can’t seem to get away from is my preferred color palette. Purples, pinks, cool beiges, greens, greens and more greens. It just comes so naturally and I’m finding it very difficult to willingly stray from it. I find myself questioning whether I should, whether these colors are a bad habit and crutch or that if leaving them behind even temporarily would a step down the wrong road. The answer is really obvious. Learn how to use other colors, especially for flesh tones, but always keep my preferences in the back of my mind so as not to lose what makes my work mine.

I’ve never been one of those students or artists that believed education may dull whatever edge I could have, but I understand the idea. I think it happens when you have a combination of professors with overwhelming personalities/very specific art movement agenda around you and a young mind ready to be molded. Ha, I am not exactly old but I am not right out of highschool. Some of my painting habits, for better or worse, aren’t going anywhere.

Above is an image of color inspiration taken from my flickr favorites.

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Playing Pretend

Superstition for everyone!
1. Wychbury Obelisk, 2. Edward Wyllie – Spirit Photographer c.1903, 3. seance board–cu, 4. Victorian Fancy Dress – Witches & Fairies at Ye Magic Well 2

The second and last photos are pretty self explanatory. The first is a message scrawled on the Wychbury Obelisk in a town in England after the skeleton of a woman was found stuffed inside of a very old witchhazel tree during WWII.

The third image is of spirit photography. It’s a bit of collage and collaboration created to make people think their dead relatives were visiting them and hovering around them and only the camera could capture their presence. This was a considered proof of the afterlife and a part of the spiritualist movement.

– ALSO –

The J Fergeson Gallery of Farmville(no, not the facebook game) Virginia is having a Pop-Up Gallery in Richmond the first weekend of June. My work will be among those shown.

119 Broad Street
June First Friday at Metrospace

Thursday Preview Reception June 2 / 6-8 PM
First Friday with John Reinhold (DJ/Music)
Saturday Hours June 4 1-5 PM
Sunday 11-4

Featuring Isabelle Abbot, Jordan Buschur, Anna Cox, JJ Eisfelder, Tray Eppes, Christopher Hildebrand, Kylse Houser, Neal Iwan, Ben Keys, Debra Lanning, Elizabeth Levesque, David Dodge Lewis, Matt Lively, Lara Mossler, Adam Paulek, Christopher Register, Beverly Rhoads, Jeremy Satterlund, Christina Stratman and Sandy Willcox