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Fundraising & Art Open House

As some of you already know I am about to start a year of traveling in search of the type of education I want. I’ll be going to Philly/Asheville/Chicago on a long art adventure, studying under artists and exploring other art communities, museums and galleries.

Before I begin I am going to have an Art Open House…think apartment art show/thrift store. I will have new work on display and on sale at a range of prices. I will also have crafts/jewelry I’ve made available as well, plus unused and unwanted art & craft supplies.

Any money made will go towards my art educational journey. I would never ask for something for nothing. I simply hope some of you may want to own my work and take this opportunity to help me while also getting something you’d like to hang on your wall.
And please don’t feel like you can’t come unless you are looking to buy something. That is not the case at all. I am a bit of a recluse(always painting and working) so I hope some of you take this opportunity to say good bye. RSVP on the Facebook event page! Feel free to bring a friend and share the event!

Jason, my husband, has also released a print in order to help me pay for all the future madness of traveling, board, food, educational fees and supplies. The print is titled Plenilune…my absolute favorite word(it means full moon), and pictures me sitting on a broom, in flight, with my familiar of a cat, Ninja. It measures 12 x 12 inches and is printed on a satin finished photo paper. The print only costs $20.00, and all funds generated will help me over the next years journey. It’s a touching gesture from him that I’ll always be grateful for. Please check it out. If you’re a local wishing to purchase it, your shipping fee will be refunded and you can pick it up directly from us.

I can’t truly express how hard it is for me to do something like this, put on a solo art show…release a fundraising print, in an effort to help me live my dreams. I’ve worked to save money, applied and been denied grants(competition is fierce), but it never feels like enough, especially when leaving the comfort of a stable situation for unknowns. This line of education and experience is the right path for me, but I realize not everyone agrees. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. I think studying under artists privately, attending an atelier and simply striking out on my own for a period of time can only make me a better artist and person. If you choose to help I will strive to make the most of my time out in the scary world and make you proud. Keep my site bookmarked to follow my journey as I plan to document my experiences.

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Exhibitions and Good Nonsense.

I am participating in two group shows in the near future. The first will be at Ayden Gallery in Vancouver BC. The above painting, Pale Horse is my contribution to the Into the Void group show. See the Facebook event page here and Ayden Gallery’s facebook page.

Featuring new works by Megan Majewski & Nomi Chi

Supporting artists:
Chris Brett/ Kelly Haigh/ Anathema Photography/
Kristian Adam/ Redd Walitzki/ Rebekah Joy Plett/
Laura Bifano/ Eric Bostrom/ Mark Illing/ Shwa/
Elizabeth Levesque/ Chop Logik/ Phresha/
Peter Ricq/ Noah Stacey/ Alison Woodward

Live music by Kelly Haigh

Exhibition closes September 2, 2012

Do I need to explain my painting? I think it’s fairly obvious.

After that will be a group show curated by Kelly Castillo of Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim, California to debut on September 8th. I’ll be posting the piece for that show soon as well.

Check out my new Edith Lebeau original on the right. It’s called Black Swan. On the left is an awesome little sketch of me by artist Emma Mount. She had decided to draw the first person she saw on her flickr stream and I was lucky enough to be that person!

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Art of Business of Art

I’ve revived my old Etsy shop and am now uploading my recent work. Putting work out there for sale is a scary thing, but I’ve already had one sale and that is a confidence booster.

I’m including oil paintings and mixed media drawings. If you are interested in a piece and are local to me I am happy to let you pick up the work and refund any shipping included in the Etsy sale.

I feel like this has been stop on the way of my journey but overall I am rather happy with this body of work and how I’ve worked out my concepts.

Elizabeth Virginia Levesque’s Etsy Shop
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The Root of All Evil

The Summoning - acrylic on masonite

I don’t often have work for sale. I feel like i am always in the middle of a painting, rarely at the end of one, and with school that slows me done further.

I do have some work for sale scattered about on the internet. Pictured above is a painting I have waiting to find a home currently for sale at the J Fergeson Gallery in Farmville VA(no, not the obnoxious notification producing Facebook game). Jason and I had a show there last year and the gallery still carries some of my work that didn’t sell at the opening.

And of course there is Etsy. I have a lil’ Etsy Shop where I sell some of my smaller work and hair pins there.