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Art of Business of Art

I’ve revived my old Etsy shop and am now uploading my recent work. Putting work out there for sale is a scary thing, but I’ve already had one sale and that is a confidence booster.

I’m including oil paintings and mixed media drawings. If you are interested in a piece and are local to me I am happy to let you pick up the work and refund any shipping included in the Etsy sale.

I feel like this has been stop on the way of my journey but overall I am rather happy with this body of work and how I’ve worked out my concepts.

Elizabeth Virginia Levesque’s Etsy Shop
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The Root of All Evil

The Summoning - acrylic on masonite

I don’t often have work for sale. I feel like i am always in the middle of a painting, rarely at the end of one, and with school that slows me done further.

I do have some work for sale scattered about on the internet. Pictured above is a painting I have waiting to find a home currently for sale at the J Fergeson Gallery in Farmville VA(no, not the obnoxious notification producing Facebook game). Jason and I had a show there last year and the gallery still carries some of my work that didn’t sell at the opening.

And of course there is Etsy. I have a lil’ Etsy Shop where I sell some of my smaller work and hair pins there.